SuperFit exercises and Journals

All of these items are pdfs.  Download and save and/or print for your own workouts and copy of journals to turn into your SuperFit Coach.  Need a SuperFit Coach?    Email the SuperFit Campaign Director here

January: Goal setting

1. Superfit Jr workouts January edition    1. Superfit workouts January adult edition

1. Superfit journal January secular edition      1. Superfit journal January biblical edition

February: Heart Support/Cardiovascular

2. Superfit Jr workouts February edition     2. Superfit workouts February adult edition

2. Superfit journal February secular edition       2. Superfit journal February biblical edition

March: Muscular Endurance

3. Superfit Jr workouts March edition       3. Superfit workouts March adult edition

3. Superfit journal March secular edition       3. Superfit journal March biblical edition

April: Fat Burning

4. Superfit Jr workouts April edition       4. Superfit workouts April adult edition

4. Superfit journal April edition secular      4. Superfit journal April bilblical edition

May: Recovery Process

5. Superfit Jr workouts May edition      5. Superfit workouts May adult edition

5. Superfit journal May secular edition       5. Superfit journal May biblical edition

June: Hydration

6. Superfit Jr workouts June edition      6. Superfit workouts June adult edition

6. Superfit journal June secular edition       6. Superfit journal June biblical edition

July: Skin Care

7. Superfit Jr workouts July edition      7. Superfit workouts july adult edition

7. Superfit journal July secular edition      7. Superfit journal July biblical edition

August: Body Types (blood, body type)

8. Superfit Jr workouts August edition      8. Superfit workouts August adult edition

8. Superfit journal August secular edition      8. Superfit journal August biblical edition

Sept: Routine setting

9. Superfit kid workouts September edition      9. Superfit workouts September adult edition

9. Superfit journal September secular edition      9. Superfit journal September biblical edition

October: muscle building

10. Superfit Jr workouts October edition      10. Superfit workouts October edition

10. Superfit journal October secular edition      10. Superfit journal October biblical edition

November: internal cleansing and stress relief

11. Superfit Jr workouts November edition       11. Superfit workouts November adult edition

11. Superfit journal November secular edition       11. Superfit journal November biblical edition

December: nutrient/vitamin intake

12. Superfit Jr workouts December edition       12. Superfit workouts December adult edition

12. Superfit journal December secular edition        12. Superfit journal December biblical edition