Promote fitness & health throughout Northwest Arkansas and donate to our non-profit today.

  1. Simply donate. Please indicate in the message field why you are donating.    Allow our team of professionals to help share the good N.E.W.S. to the community.  All contributions are non-profit charity donations as we are a 501(c)3 organization.
  2. Get incredibly hydrated with Kangen water.  All commissions goes towards your school’s machine purchase if you mention the NWA Fitness & Health Association and tell us which school you want the commissions to go towards.
  3. Get introduced to ‘perfect’ nutrition.  Commissions from this product/service not only helps support your local fitness events, but it also allows you achieve optimal health for yourself and your friends.
  4. Sponsor a SuperFitter in the Pump n Run Obstacle Course.  Donate $15 for their participation and view their progress in the SuperFit app*.  Please make sure to include the SuperFitter’s name of who you are sponsoring.  Sponsor as many as you wish, each done separately.
  5. Sponsor a school of up to 20 SuperFitters in the Pump n Run Obstacle Course.  Donate $300 for a school’s set of up to 20 students, view all their progress in one of our suggested fitness tracker apps (FitBit, Jawbone, Fuel Band,…), you can speak at or participate in a SuperFit seminar, you will get your name on their school’s PRO Course contest t-shirt, and be listed on the NWA Fitness & Health community partners with link to your website.
  6. Become a Corporate Member.  Allow us to share the good N.E.W.S. and help your community defeat Obesity.

Money donated will be used for our mission to promote fitness and health to everyone in NWA and to our SuperFit campaign to share the good N.E.W.S. to schools and after school programs