About Our Board of Directors

The NWA Fitness & Health Association Board of Directors and details:

Joe Wilson is the founder of the NWA Fitness & Health Association, promoter of the NWA Natural Championships, and is a proud Geometry teacher at Bentonville High Green Jeans Studio-6School. I have been involved with fitness for over 23 years starting with being on a swim team and football team in high school, became a cheerleader for the Arkansas Razorbacks and while cheering, I found my call to become a bodybuilder. I have won multiple titles in Arkansas as a natural bodybuilder and became Arkansas’ first natural professional bodybuilder in 2008. I am involved with Bentonville Community Church of the Nazarene. I spend much of my free time with my wonderful wife, Kelly, our two little girls, Madelyn and Emily, and others in the community who wish to make a difference in regards to fitness and health.  With my background in fitness and health, I wanted to start a simple free program that kids can follow to become better students both academically and physically, to impact their own family and friends to live a healthier lifestyle, and to represent their school in community fitness assessments throughout the school year. “We’re all blessed in talents, money, and time; we just need to use that blessed-ness to bless others as well.”


Hayden Bough

Hayden Bough is the vice-president of the NWAFHA.  I am a University of Arkansas graduate in Kinesiology, emphasis in Applied Exercise Science. Aspiring personal trainer and exercise physiologist. My philosophy is consistent exercise is among the best sources of medicine. My life-long passion has been to spread fitness and health worldwide to help keep people out of the hospital and reach goals they have only dreamed of. I currently work at the new Bentonville Community Center as a wellness desk specialist. I have a small dog loving family that stays very active; both parents are ironman competitors and attend the weight room religiously. I’m driven to slow down the rise in obesity through changing lives, and that all begins with knowledge.


christi brown pic

Christi Brown is a board member of the NWAFHA.  I am a single mom, funeral director and inventor. I have recently designed a flexible exercise hoop for on the go exercise enthusiast. This unique device rides around the hips to engage both oblique muscles simultaneously. It is fun, transportable and provides quick results. It only takes 10-15 minutes a day and can be used separately or combined with a current routine.

“I am a lazy exerciser with no discipline for the gym. I started hula hooping for my core workout about 6 years ago. It seemed like the ideal exercise for someone like me. It was fun and I didn’t have to leave my house, but the hoop required a lot of space, hurt my waist after a while, made too much noise (annoying those trying to watch TV), and I couldn’t transport it easily.
So three years ago, after I moved to Arkansas, I decided to create my own core-cardio exercise and invented the FlexEhoop™. I have never experienced an exercise quite like this. I can feel the burn almost instantly, which keeps me engaged in the exercise.   I can still be lazy and undisciplined, but look great.”